WordPress vs Drupal – the endless debate between the two most popular platforms that have become highly favored in the past decade. WordPress and Drupal are both amazing content management systems are they are extremely efficient systems to maintain websites.

With CMS’ gaining in popularity, in recent years, there’s been a proliferation of options, causing many to wonder, “Which CMS is right for me?”

To help you decide between WordPress vs Drupal, our web designers in Northern Virginia have put together a detailed blog post to help you compare the two most popular platforms.

WordPress vs Drupal

WordPress CMS may be the best-known content management system in the world, with over 30% of the website’s on planet Earth are powered by this amazing CMS. Drupal is also well-known amongst government agencies, universities, and large non-profit organizations.

WordPress and Drupal are equipped with some of the best features and functions that any website platform offers. To figure out the best solution for your business organization, you’ll need to carefully review your overall budget as they both require experienced developers for long term support.

WordPress and Drupal are both reliable CMS platforms, each having specific uses built for businesses and organizations of all sizes. WordPress might be best for smaller or mid-sized businesses, blogs, and small eCommerce sites, due to its ease of use.

Drupal CMS is the most secure system available, due to the various security options built in the backend of the platform, this gives the ability to maintain a highly efficient website.

Well-known websites are constantly being targeted by potential threats so website security is very important when it comes to CMS platforms.

Since WordPress is the #1 most popular CMS on the marketplace, it is constantly being exploited for vulnerabilities. Drupal CMS has advanced security features built-in so it’s the #1 pick for large organizations.


Several large government agencies utilize the Drupal platform, such as The Department of Education and The Small Business Administration. The White House website is currently on WordPress CMS. So as you can see, both platforms are being utilized by large government agencies.

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